8 Springfield Ln, Williamsport

$4,500,000   |   9 beds   |   5.5 baths

8 Springfield Ln
Williamsport, MD

Historic Springfield Farm Village-Circa 1700's-PERHAPS ONE OF THE MOST HISTORIC AMERICAN PROPERTIES TO COME ON THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET IN MEMORY. Springfield possesses a plethora of elements used by private & governmental entities to determine national historical significance. Springfield features THE NATION'S OLDEST DISTILLARY COMPLEX & IS LOCATED IN A TOWN THAT IS A NATIONAL TOURIST DESTINATION, WHO’S C & O NATIONAL PARK ATTRACTS APPROXIMATELY 4 MILLION VISITORS A YEAR. SPRINGFIELD, IT'S OCCUPANTS & FAMILY MEMBERS HAVE HAD MAJOR ROLES IN AMERICAN HISTORY. WARS- French and Indian Wars, War of 1812, Revolutionary War & Civil War. CONFLICTS- Indian Conflicts, Whiskey Rebellion & Native American Encampment. FAMOUS GENERALS Gen. Williams was a Revolutionary War hero, A virtual “Who’s Who” of Civil War luminaries encamped at Springfield & General Braddock traded here during the French and Indian War. CIVIL WAR HISTORY- Springfield & nearby Falling Waters Battlefield were Robert E. Lee’s final northern soil encampments during the Gettysburg Campaign. 1000 wagons of wounded flooded Springfield and the town. Major engagements ensued here before Lee escaped across the Potomac River to Southern soil. The Springfield Distillery saved the town from burning . The Confederate direct reports notified their generals that they could not burn down Williamsport(as they had ransomed other towns) as“ Williamsport is where we get our whiskey. ” ARCHITECTURAL AND SITE HISTORY- 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th & 21th century site and architecture & An Early Native American Property transfer predating area English Land Grants. DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE- Several family members were signers. TRANSPORTATION HISTORY- C & O Canal surveyor, Rivertown Founder & Important in the National Road & Railroad Development. PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY- Where George Washington dined when he visited to consider Williamsport for the Nation’s Capital. Where George Washington stayed when returning from the Whiskey Rebellion. INDUSTRIAL HISTORY- DISTILLERY COMPLEX-OLDEST IN AMERICA- The Still House -4 story Stone distillery structure, circa early to mid 1700’s Spring & Springhouse date to late 1600s to 1727- has piping connected to the distillery. Distiller’s Quarters, Barrel Fermentation Cellar, Tavern, Carriage House, Livery Stable, Gatekeeper'sHouse & 2 additional barns. This is believed to be the oldest distillery complex in the nation. It even predates George Washington’s Distillery. This property could be the crown jewel of the nation’s famous historic Whiskey Trail Tourist Attraction, a driving tour of the earliest distilleries. The current crown jewel is The George Washington Mount Vernon Distillery Complex which is not as old & is a total reproduction. The economic possibilities for tours and product branding are impressive. CONTIGUOUS PUBLIC MUNICIPAL AMENITIES- Springfield Barn Museum- one of the state’s largest bank barns and other period agricultural buildings, modern rest room pavilion, picnic area, gardens, parkland and benches, Civil War Walking Trails and displays, parking, public swimming pool complex & outdoor events center. WALKING DISTANCE - C & O CANAL NEW NATIONAL PARK & HEADQUARTERS & POTOMAC RIVER. RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURES- There are 4 residential structures comprising 5 separate homes in the Historic Springfield Farm Village. They are the Manor House - Colonial Wing and the Ballroom Wing, the Still House, the Gate House & the Spring House. Additionally there is a restorable guest cottage. THE MANOR HOUSE- Ballroom, Tavern -now the formal dining room, Public rooms - numerous parlors, library & 2 dining rooms, Private Rooms - 9 bedrooms, support facilities, 2 kitchens & prep room. SEE 125 PHOTOGRAPHS, VIRTUAL TOUR, ARIELS AND SLIDESHOW FOR BUILDING INVENTORY, SITE FEATURES, INTERIORS, AND AMENITIES. ASK AGENT FOR DETAILS ON POTENTIAL ZONING.

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